Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, these sample painting images are based on various public domain face card designs for an authentic look. The paintings are done by hand and painted with acrylic paint. The sizes are 2.5 feet by 4 feet and are framed with a black trimmed wooden seamless frame.

Each painting takes about two weeks to produce.  The custom face card designs are in the public domain. They are also available by providing a card image to reproduce by you. The cost per painting is $300.00. Purchasing more than 2 paintings or a suite, the cost of each painting will be $250.00.

Shipping is available either by UPS or Fed X and if shipment destination is within in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding cities, direct delivery is possible.

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Jack Of Spades

King Of Diamonds

King Of Clubs

Queen Of Clubs

Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Diamonds

Other Face Designs Available ...

Additional design changes will be based on collector's preferences combined with other overall artistic considerations.

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Playing Card Paintings For
The Avid Card Player

Queen Of Spades

King Of Spades